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TOP853 Universal Programmer 40 Pin ZIF EPROM MCU

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TOP853 programmer is Universal USB EPROM programmer,it is universal Programmer for EPROM MCU MPU EEPROM PLD SRAM, TOP853 Universal Programmer is 40 Pin ZIF Standerd IC fixture.

Original TOP853 Universal Programmer for EPROM MCU GAL PLD 

TOP853 programmer with 40 Pin ZIF Adapter


DIP-40 Standerd IC fixture
TOP853 is using the same control software TOPWIN with TOP2007 and TOP2049.
TOP853 is still using USB port for communication to the PC.
Small pocket size: 142 x 103 x 23mm, 250g Wt.
USB powered, 500mA, No AC/DC adapter needed.
Support 5V device only.
Over-current protection on all Pins.
Very reasonable price than others.
Size (mm): 142 x 103 x 23mm 
COM: USB1.1/2.0
Power: USB 5V or Power Cable
Current: Min 70mA/ Max 500mA
Connect: <2M
Software: TOPWIN VER3.XX
New developed in TOP series.
For Win98/Me/2000/XP