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HILO ALL-200 High Speed programmer ALL-200 IC Chip Burner

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HILO ALL-200 is the high performance FLASH IC Chip Burner, ALL-200 Universal Programmer is designed to give a high quality programming platform for IC programming at the development/engineering stage.

HILO ALL-200 High Speed IC Chip Burner

HILO ALL-200 programmer use a very high frequency core circuit design helps to reduce the programming time of high density memory devices.

The ALL-200 has 56 individual precision universal pin drivers to produce high speed, low noise, accurate and reliable programming signals for your devices including the latest high speed, low power devices.

The ALL-200 uses dedicated socket boards (HD-xxx-xxx) for each IC package which eliminates the need for additional adapters or converters which could reduce the integrity of the programming interface. Software is updated weekly and can be downloaded from our website


ALL-200 extremely high freq. core circuit design significantly cut down programming time of high density memory products. Precise Universal Pin Drivers provide high speed, low noise, accurate and reliable program- ming signals for various IC products including high speed low power devices recently released to market.

Wide range of IC coverage:

ALL-200 supports wide range of IC products including EPROM, EEPROM, Serial EE, SPI memory, FLASH, MPU/MCU product types and DIP, SDIP, SOP, SSOP, TSOP, PLCC, QFP, QFN, SON, BGA package types.

Easy to setup & operate:

ALL-200 setup and operation can be done easily by connecting Programmer to PC with Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista/Windows7/Windows 8 O.S. through USB port, load data file or read Master IC, then select functional options (Program、Verify、Auto…etc.) to start programming.

Direct-mount Socket Board:

ALL-200 works with dedicated Socket Board (HD-xxx-xxx) per IC package type. This eliminates the requirement of additional socket adaptor / converter which might impact programming yield due to poor contact and/or signal noise.

High expansion flexibility:

From development / engineering stage using ALL-200 single-site programming through limited produc- tion stage using ALL-200G multi-site programming to mass production stage using AT3-300 series automated programming, high expansion flexibility of programming platform is well prepared.

Timely software support:

The supporting software is updated weekly on HI-LO web site for checking / retrieving through Internet. Programming of new products will not be neglected after purchasing

World wide service:

Distribution channel covers 35 countries worldwide, all inquiries / problems can be served easily and timely.


Core controller 

16 bits high freq. core control circuit with high performance FPGA & CPLD

Key functions   

Load File, Read Master, Program, Verify, Auto, ID Check, Checksum, Blank Check, Erase, Secure,
Protect / Unprotect, Edit, Function Configuration, Self Test                              

Support devices 

IC types : EPROM, EEPROM, Serial EE, SPI memory, FLASH, MPU/MCU…etc.


IC leads: 8 pins ~ 300 pins

Device contact: Dedicated Socket Board ( HD-xxx-xxx ) per IC package type

I/O channels: 56 sets Precise Universal Pin Driver. Provide high quality programming signals for high speed low power (1.8V) devices

Host computer requirement

An Intel or compatible processor with 512MB of RAM. At least one free USB port. 50MB free hard disk
Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista/7/8 or later rev. operation system CD or DVD ROM Drive