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FlashPRO 8000+ unviersal offline programmer

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FlashPRO 8000 ic burner is unviersal programmer, it support over more than 25000 IC devices, FlashPRO 8000 programmer is a new version of the family FlashPRO series programming tool, focusing on supporting offline programming and Chip PIN auto-detection.

FlashPRO 8000+ unviersal offline programmer



  • For offline programming
  • Chip PIN auto-detection feature
  • USB interface for online/offline mode
  • Supports more than 25,000 kinds of chip programming
  • Integrated menu/English software interface
  • Support the chip supply voltage range: 1.5V~6.5V
  • Supported devices: e (e) PROM, Flash, MCU, PLD, etc
  • Support packages: DIP, and BGA, CSP, and PLCC, QFP, SOP, and TSOP etc

Support 48 pin drivers-allows for easy system upgrade.

48-pin United States import lock socket-support 8pin~48pin 300/600 mil chips, programming or test directly without adapters.

Logical IC test TTL/COMS-and Memories. Also supports Logic IC TTL/COMS of user-defined tests.

Equipped with overcurrent protection circuit short circuit, reverse plug, plug the wrong chip will not damage or faulty operation programmer.

FPGA based on 48 powerful TTL pin driver, for each test the PIN on the foot to provide 
High/Low/Pull up/Pulldown/read features. Advanced drive technology combined with high speed and high reliability of the mass line.

Minimum support voltages as low as 1.8V, so you can use it to burn all popular low-voltage devices in the world at present.

Support Windows NT/2000/XP USB interface and Vista platform.

Algorithms-implemented entirely by software.

Range adapters-support package chips such as PLCC, SOIC,PSOP,SSOP, SSOP, TSOPTSSLP,TQFP,QFN (MLF) SDIP,BGA. Same package and the same general adapters pin spacing, which do not need to purchase multiple adapters also saves money.
Optional configurations-test

Perfect electronic serial number-function you can assign different in every IC serial number, each time you insert a new chip's serial number is automatically increased the buffer. Serial number and flexible ways, such as serial number, order, place, address, reverse engineer every place are other similar products do not have.

Induction is an echo of the advanced programming techniques to meet mass production mode-in mass production mode, mass-production operation to hold a chip into a ZIF socket, programmer will automatically detect the chip and set according to the user's action steps after the operation is finished, software interface and LCD will automatically prompt user to remove chips and back into the chip. Operation of simple machines do not need formal training personnel to operate, increases flexibility and saves a lot of time and expense, auto-sensing characteristics ensure the chip automatically after programming the chip is inserted correctly, production mode is automatically disabled in order to prevent the system keyboard operators do not pay attention to operate incorrectly.

Built-in high-speed microcontroller programmer self-automatically validate data to ensure system reliability.