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Stager VSpeed VS4800 universal programmer Support 48PIN

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Stager VSpeed VS4800 programmer is EEPROM FLASH MCU PLD universal programmer, VSpeed VS4800 programmer is the upgrade products from G840 programmer, programming speed is much faste. support  18000+ devices.

Stager VSpeed VS4800 universal programmer Support 48PIN
VS4800 programmer make erase, blank check, programming, comparison and encryption functions as one key programming in order to improve the efficiency of users.We can also change the default set of one key programming for different IC programming,choosing the steps we need.

VSpeed serial universal programmer (VS4000 / VS4800 / VSD8000) is the Independent research and development by Shenzhen stager Electronic Co., Ltd.


1. Adopt universal DDK 48PIN Socket.
2. Enjoy free software upgrades, and can be downloaded for free on our website to update the software. Subsequent will add more support of IC chips, programming is always makes you buy the latest, enjoy the VIP service.
3. USB2.0 on-line operation with a PC, without external power supply, easy to use and carry.
4. Software compatibility Windows2000/XP/Vista/Win7.
5. Careful self protection way. Effective assurance does not damage the user IC and programmer/burn itself.
6. Support devices up to more than 18,000 kinds.